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It’s 2531. The countries are split into three groups who are at a never-ending war – The Europes, The Americas, and The Asias. Earth is currently getting to the point where it is uninhabitable due to the rubbish and the smoke being poured out of the thousands of factories everywhere.

The groups finally unite in a worldwide effort to get humanity off this planet, starting a project which you are a part of, known as Umbra. Their goal is to get all mankind off Earth and to another inhabitable planet where they can begin from the start and not make the same mistakes made earlier.

The laboratory have discovered a planet which seems suitable – it has an atmosphere, living creatures, plants, running water, and the temperature sits at around the temperature of Earth. The only thing they are curious about is the chemicals and compounds found on the surface, which are unidentifiable and appear to be harmful. The laboratory need to find a way to test the dangers of these compounds, so they send a probe out to collect a variety of minerals and compounds on the surface. They then take these materials back to the laboratory for testing.

The laboratory gather a group of convicts sentenced to death for testing. They individually get each convict to be injected with the compound, and then record their brainwaves as sound to see the effects. Each of these sounds have been labelled, and are then shipped away. These are the sounds you are able to listen to. It is up to you to determine which sounds are deadly, and which are safe.

The future of mankind rests on you.

Be careful.

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